Sprecher & Schuh CEP9-ESM-I-146-200 Current Sensing Module

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Current Sensing Modules


The CEP9 Electronic Overload Relay is the next generation electronic overload from Sprecher + Schuh. Its modular design, communication options, diagnostic information, simplified wiring and integration into Logix make this the ideal overload for motor control applications in an automation system. The CEP9 Overload Relay provides flexibility, reduces engineering time and maximizes uptime for important motor starter applications.


Intelligent Motor Protection


  • Easy automation system integration
  • Network Connectivity
  • Native I/O
  • DeviceLogix Technology Enabled
  • Pre-programmed Operating Modes


Diagnostic Information


  • Monitor motor performance
  • Voltage, Current and Energy
  • Trip / Warning Histories
  • % Thermal Capacity Utilization
  • Time to Trip
  • Time to Reset
  • Operational Hours
  • Number of Starts
  • Snapshot Log


Modular Design


The flexibility of the CEP9 Electronic Overload Relays allows for precise motor protection and communication with a variety of devices. The complete unit consists of a Communication Module, a Control Module, and a Sensing Module. The modules offer a range of features.


  • Wide Current Range
  • Multiple Sensing Capabilities
  • Expansion I/O
  • Operator Interface


On Board Features


The newly designed CEP9 Overload Relay has incorporated the newest technologies directly into the device to help simplify installation and configuration. Simplified wiring between the CEP9 overload relay and CA7 contactor ensure easy installation. On-device settings include network address configuration, restore factory default settings, and enable security settings. CEP9 overloads also include removable terminal blocks, I/O and Operator Station Dual Port EtherNet/ IP, and it supports device level ring.


These superior features and options make the CEP9 Electronic Overload Relay your best choice in motor protection.