Sprecher & Schuh

Sprecher & Schuh

Sprecher & Schuh produces a vast collection of electrical components that can be found in enclosures and devices throughout numerous industries. Motor controllers, starters, relays, circuit breakers, signaling solutions, and a multitude of other electronic components can be found in this collection. Many of the Sprecher & Schuh parts found are classified as low-voltage control products that typically support larger systems. Besides allowing for more control in a system, each of these parts is manufactured with the utmost quality and care to ensure safe and effective working across countless industries. Sprecher & Schuh is a brand to trust, one that we are proud to distribute and put in more customers’ hands here at Southern Electronics.

Overload Relays
Motor Controllers
Circuit Breakers
Disconnect Switches
Pilot Devices
Relays & Timers
Rotary Cam Switches
Terminal Blocks
Signaling Solutions