Sprecher & Schuh CA7-12-01-240 Non-Reversing, Three Pole Contactor with AC Coil

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Non-Reversing General Purpose Contactors
Coil Voltage:
Number of Poles:
3 Pole
Coil Type:
AC Coil

The CA7 contactor series represents the most modern and flexible IEC power contactor available today. A wide selection of contactors covers the entire CA7 horsepower range (up to 75HP @ 460/575V). Six of the contactors are only 45mm wide, an extremely small footprint for such rugged performance.

Same Small Size For Most DC Applications

The CA7-9 to 55A contactor sizes include an Electronic DC Coil option. The Electronic DC contactor design is the same size as the AC contactors, providing a compact unit for DC applications. Very low inrush and low power consumption result in a smaller power supply and smaller panel size.

Type 1 And Type 2 Coordination

Whether you are designing motor circuits for use in North America, Europe or any other part of the world, all CA7 contactors have been designed and tested with respect to Type 1 and Type 2 short circuit coordination.

Advanced Safety And Reliability Features

The entire CA7 contactor line features mechanically linked contacts, such that if a main power pole welds, adequate clearances exist (greater than or equal to 0.3mm) to ensure that the auxiliary contacts do not change state when coil power is removed and the device tries to open. This is a requirement in safety circuits.

Modular Accessories Are Common To All Devices

All accessories are interchangeable among all CA7 contactors and CS7 control relays. This minimizes inventory requirements and maximizes flexibility.

Reversible Coil Provides Total Flexibility

When shipped, both coil connections are normally located at the top of the contactor in preparation for mounting an overload relay at the bottom. For multi-starter panels, however, the coil can be reversed. CA7 contactors can either be ordered with the coil reversed or may be easily reversed in the field.

Please see the Data Sheet for specific product details.