Hoffman M170226G004 Genesis Compact Indoor Sealed Enclosure Air Conditioner

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  • Industrial automation
  • Package handling equipment
  • Security and defense systems
  • And more


  • Robust reciprocating compressor
  • R134a or R407c earth-friendly refrigerant
  • Models for 115, 230 and 460 single phase VAC power input
  • UL Listed or Recognized to save customers time and money with agency approvals
  • Operating temperature range from 50 F/10 C to 125 F/52 C
  • Attractive industrial design with minimal use of visible fasteners
  • Reliable mechanical thermostat located behind the filter of the unit; indoor air conditioner models include digital display on ambient side
  • Low-carbon mild-steel sheet-metal cover for rugged factory environments
  • Easy-mount flanges for simple installation
  • Cleanable, reusable aluminum mesh filter protects coils for maximum cooling performance
  • Mounting hardware, gaskets and user manual furnished with the unit
  • Every unit functionally tested before shipping
  • Standard Indoor Air Conditioner models also include: - Electro-Mechanical Thermostat - Surge Suppressor - Condensate Management System


  • RAL 7042 gray, semi-gloss powder-coat paint standard
  • Other colors and textures available


  • Thermostat Malfunction Package
  • Special Voltage Package
  • Active Condensate Evaporator Package
  • Outdoor Package*
  • Harsh Environment Package*
  • Stainless Steel Package*
  • Heater Package: T-Series or PROAIR may be more appropriate. Refer to T-Series A/C and PROAIR A/C Chapters.